About Organicskincarelady

Heather Lettow

Thank you for visiting my blog!  I do hope you will stay and follow me and actively participate in posts and share with me ideas for future blog posts with information you would like to see!
My name is Heather and I am a proud Navy wife to my husband of 12 years and a mother to our 3 beautiful children – ages 4, 9, and 10.
I  was raised holistically most of my younger life and my parents would always look for ways to heal my sister and I holistically before turning to modern medicine.  One of the first major impacts I had with holistic medicine was as a toddler with major intestine issues digesting foods.  Traditional Dr’s wanted to do experimental surgery, my parents wanted to see what less obtrusive options there were.  A holistic Dr changed my diet and switched my milk to fresh goat milk and I grew out of the intestine issues within a year or so.
About 4 years ago I was approached by a great friend to become an Independent Consultant for a Skincare and health and wellness company and began learning more and more about the truth about ingredients in our every day products that we use over and over again.  I learned about loopholes in federal regulations that allow these companies to basically put whatever they want into products and know that the average consumer will not have a clue how harmful these ingredients are none the less think they have to!
In the summer of 2011 I was introduced to the company I am now a proud Independent Consultant, Group Leader for with NYR Organic, the social selling channel for Neal’s Yard Remedies.  The company has been in the organic Skincare and health and wellness business before “organic” became a trendy word.  For over 30 years they have had stores in the UK, Japan and Dubai and just came to the US less than 4 years ago solely as a social selling company.   You can only purchase our products exclusively through Independent Consultants like me, in the US.  The pride and integrity put into our products to guarantee that there are only Organic ingredients, Certified by the Prestigious Soil Association in the UK.  They ensure that there are no chemicals, synthetic fragrances or ingredients, no GMO’s, no Parabens, no “nasties” included any of the products!
My goal is to educate through my blog, informational and informative posts about ingredients, herbal remedies and more!
If you would like more information about the company I am an Independent Consultant, Group Leader to join me with this amazing opportunity or to purchase products, please visit my website at My Consultant Website or call me at 443-677-3237.  You can also email me at ilovenyrorganic@gmail.com.
I hope you will find my posts helpful – I love feedback and interaction, so please post comments and visit often!

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